Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wishing For A Hearth

Lonely heart, lonely alone,
Cold people, coldness adorned;
Intense thoughts, laughter long gone,
Home doesn't feel like home.

No one cares, nobody knows,
Like guests, come and go;
Like mismatched puzzle pieces,
A wrong picture, they always show;
What do you expect?
With a closed shutter;
What can you find?
When hearts are not aflutter.

So much can change,
With people alone;
Sinking your heart,
Like a heavy stone;
Smiles all lost,
Replaced by snickery;
All that now remains,
Is neat mockery.

Wishing for a hearth,
To call our own;
Wishing for some rain,
For all that we have sown;
Reclaiming the warmth,
Reclaiming our youth;
Living our life,
Like we really should.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Foodie, really?

You say you love food and that you love to eat. So you call yourself a "foodie". Hhhhmmm. Let's check out the following.
  1. I hate sharing my favourite food. Let me have it quickly when nobody is around.
  2. I see something I like in your lunchbox. Hand it over to me!
  3. What's that on your plate? 
  4. Hey, don't you dare touch my plate!
  5. I love this dish! Lemme eat quickly so that I can load my plate with further helpings.
  6. Bring my favourite food in your lunchbox!
  7. Why should I bring your favourite food for you? I would rather save it for dinner.
  8. I don't like what's being cooked for lunch/dinner. Lemme go out/order and gorge on something I love.
  9. Freebies! Will eat/drink as much as I can and grab some for later too!
  10. What are you having? Hand it over!
  11. Hey you owe me a treat! 
  12. What? I owe you a treat? Go to hell.
  13. Hey, what are you cooking? I love that. I am coming over!
  14. There are more people to eat yet! So what? I want more.
  15. I am full. I think I can still gulp down some more...

Does most of the above sound like you? If yes, then my friend you are just plain greedy, not a foodie. And yes, you lack some basic etiquette too. 

If the above don't sound like you but you still do love to eat, then you are someone who enjoys and appreciates food. But you may or may not be a foodie.

Foodies (traditionally known as gourmet, gastronome and epicurean) appreciate food in all forms. They like trying out new dishes and cuisine. They love to explore food of different cultures. They don't order the same dishes when they eat out. They can recommend you good dishes and restaurants. They love to share food so that the others can enjoy it too. They love to feed people as much as they love to eat. They don't gulp down food, but enjoy its essence in every bite. They know and are curious about cooking styles, ingredients and culinary history. Most them love cooking too. They are quite experimental when it comes to food. They understand that cooking is an art and are passionate about food.

So, are you a foodie?