Starting With Kindness

A corner of my workstation
It is so easy to whine and complain, isn't it! Everyday, we have something to complain about. But to be thankful, to be grateful for what we have and what the hardships we have been spared is perhaps the most difficult task for most of us.

The last seven days I had to start the day with kindness. The first thing in the morning I was supposed to think about was the things I am grateful for, the things I love about myself and read an inspirational quote everyday.

There are so many things in my life (including life itself) for which I am grateful and thankful to the Almighty. I believe I have covered most of it in my post "Thankful & Grateful=Happy".

Before we can be kind to others, it is very important that we are kind to ourselves. I am kind to myself by taking out time to do the things that I love doing like reading for an hour everyday, writing, keeping a few plants and the like. More on self-kindness in my post "The Oil For Your Lamp".

At office, I don't like to have only stuff relating to work on my workstation. I have shared a corner of my desk in the above picture. And as you can see, I can read the following quote every workday.

"Appreciation can make day, even change a life. Your willingness to put into words is all that is necessary" ~ Margaret Cousins

Don't you think, appreciation is a type of kindness? I believe if each one of us sheds our ego and appreciate the other person with a clean heart, the world will become such a kinder and happy place.

I am taking part in the first ever Kindness Challenge (2016) hosted by Nikki from The Richness Of A Simple Life.

The weekly prompts:
Week 1: Start you day with kindness
Week 2: Observe kindness around you
Week 3: Focus your energy on being kind to others
Week 4: Focus on doing something kind for someone
Week 5: End your day thinking about kindness
Week 6: Think about someone that inspires you to be better, kinder, gentler
Week 7: Do something kind for someone and keep it to yourself

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