Friday, April 22, 2016

S for "Spreading Sunset"

Common Name: Spreading Sunset, Lantana, Spanish Flag
Scientific Name: Lantana camara
Assamese Name: Goo phool 

Spreading Sunset is a common flowering shrub in Assam, and it usually grows in the wild. The flower has a unpleasant smell and hence the Assamese name Goo (meaning shit) phool (meaning flower). For the same reason, people usually don't have it in their home gardens. But we did have a couple of bushes in ours and we still have.

The flowers are yellow-orange in colour and spreads across the entire bush in clusters. May be that's why it is called Spreading Sunset. Interestingly the flowers mature to rose-pink colour. It is known to attract butterflies.

The following pictures from home were sent by my mother just yesterday.


  1. Oh Wow! Seeing this flower after ages! We used to have it in our garden. Didnt knew its name then!


Loved that you dropped by. It would lovely to know how you feel about this post too :)