Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for "Nasturtium"

Common Name: Nasturtium
Scientific Name: Tropaeolum

Nasturtium is one of my top favourite flowers. The delicate orange petals are enough to warm up my heart. Back home, it was usually  grown in winter-spring season and the bright flower would perfectly complement a sunny winter day.

After I moved to Delhi, I try to cultivate a bit of my maternal home and home State in our balcony. The above pictures are that effort. Aren't they a joy for the eyes? You can read more of my balcony garden in my post Progress Plant IV: Spring In My Home.

I am taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge [April 2016].


  1. Nasturtiums! I love them! They're cheerful looking and taste delicious in my salad.

  2. We used to have them in our garden before we moved house 20 years ago. I'd forgotten how beautiful they were.

  3. What a lovely flower! I'd heard (probably read) the name nasturtium, but I had no idea it looked like this. How cool you've brought a bit of 'home' to your new home with them :)

    Thanks for the visit over at Life In Dogs! Glad you liked Carlito's story :)

  4. They're gorgeous and I believe edible.


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