Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z for "Zephyranthes (Rain Lily)"

Common Name: Rain Lily
Scientific Name: Zephyranthes

Rain Lily is one of my favourite flowers. Most of the year, their bulbs would lie dormant. And once the rain  touches them, they would spring back to life in a myriad of colours. I remember rain lilies blooming in my childhood home, in the monsoon in three colours, pink, yellow and white. 

A Rain Lily waking up after rains years ago at home

Friday, April 29, 2016

Y for "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

Common Name: Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, Morning-noon-and-night, Kiss Me Quick, Brazil raintree
Scientific Name: Brunfelsia pauciflora
Assamese Name: Bou-Paagol

Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow is a flowering shrub and has pretty fragrant flowers. The flower blooms purple with a white throat, then turns lavender and then white, hence the common names. Many years ago, there was a bulky bush of this plant at my grandparents' garden, from where we borrowed the species into our own garden. It is native to Brazil.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

X for "Xerochrysum bracteatum (Paper Daisy)"

Common Name: Paper Daisy, Strawflower
Scientific Name: Xerochrysum bracteatum
Assamese Name: Kaagoz phool

I saw the Paper Daisy for the first time in my grandmother's garden. As a kid, I was fascinated and I still am. The flower doesn't look like a real flower at all. The petals are crispy and papery. Nature has so many wonders, doesn't it! Someday, I want to have these in my garden too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W for "Weeping Bottlebrush"

Weeping Bottlebrush back home. Check out the pretty bird perched on it.

Common Name: Weeping Bottlebrush, Drooping Bottlebrush, Red Bottlebrush, Red Cascade
Scientific Name:Callistemon viminalis/Melaleuca viminalis

As a kid, I found the Weeping Bottlebrush flower very interesting because of its look. Yes, it looks like a bottle-brush and hence the name.

Back home, Deta planted this tree on the banks of the pond and now it overlooks the pond and the bamboo bridge across it. 

An orchid on the Weeping Bottlebrush tree

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V for "Vine-Bleeding Heart"

The crimson variety in bloom several years ago at home
Common Name: Bleeding Heart Vine
Scientic Name: Clerodendrum

The Bleeding Heart Vine is a tropical twining creeper. It is basically a summer flower. The crimson variety has been a part of our garden since many years now.

The Bleeding Heart Vine is not to be confused with the Bleeding Heart flower which is of a completely different family.
In harmony with the lilies back home
The other popular variety

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Monday, April 25, 2016

U for "Utonglei (Mexican Oleander)"

Common Name: Mexican Oleander, Lucky Nut
Scientific Name: Cascabela thevetia/Thevetia peruviana
Assamese Name: Korobi
Manipuri Name: Utonglei

Mexican Oleander is a common short flowering tree grown in gardens and roadsides. It is an ornamental plant and colour varieties are yellow, white and peach. I think the yellow one is the most common, since it is one I see everywhere. Back home, we have the peach-coloured variety. The plant is a toxic one and the flower or the fruit should not be consumed.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

T for "Tengesi"

Common Name: Purple Wood Sorrel, Oxalis
Scientific Name: Oxalis
Assamese Name: Tengesi

Tengesi is basically a herb. The leaves are a part of Assamese cuisine as well and are used to make typical Assamese tangy curries. The tangy juice is also consumed as a remedy for severe cough.

The leaves are clover-like. Only recently I learned that it is not from the clover family. As kids, we used to pluck the flowers along with the long stem and suck the juice from the end of the stem. I would also pluck a handful of flowers and make tiny flower arrangements.

By the pond
At the base of a bonsai plant
The pretty flowers
The pictures shared here were taken on my visit home last month. The picture on the top was taken a couple of years back.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

S for "Spreading Sunset"

Common Name: Spreading Sunset, Lantana, Spanish Flag
Scientific Name: Lantana camara
Assamese Name: Goo phool 

Spreading Sunset is a common flowering shrub in Assam, and it usually grows in the wild. The flower has a unpleasant smell and hence the Assamese name Goo (meaning shit) phool (meaning flower). For the same reason, people usually don't have it in their home gardens. But we did have a couple of bushes in ours and we still have.

The flowers are yellow-orange in colour and spreads across the entire bush in clusters. May be that's why it is called Spreading Sunset. Interestingly the flowers mature to rose-pink colour. It is known to attract butterflies.

The following pictures from home were sent by my mother just yesterday.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

R for "Rose"

A pretty colour variety
Common Name: Rose
Scientific Name: Rosa
Assamese Name: Gulaap

Now Rose is a flower that everybody knows, isn't it. In our home, various varieties have bloomed over the years. Sharing pictures of some of them below.

The creeper variety, one of my favourites. It blooms in bunches.
This variety grows tall and blooms in bunches as well.
Isn't this a beauty!
A little messy one
This is a unique variety. It buds as a pink rose. But the colour fades as it starts to bloom. The adult flower is ultimately white in colour.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q for "Queen Anne's Lace"

Common Name: Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot, Lady's Lace
Scientific Name: Daucas Carota

I remember this lacy flower in our garden one season many years ago. I have known this flower as Lady's Lace. We have not planted it again in the recent years but I have not forgotten it. I remember admiring the white bunches in the winter sun. May be in the coming season, I shall ask my parents to get the Lady's Lace once again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P for "Periwinkle"

After a rain shower

Common Name: Periwinkle, Vinca
Scientific Name: Vinca
Assamese Name: Noyontora

Enjoying the sun

Periwinkle is a common flower in Indian households. It usually comes in pink and white flower varieties. It is low maintenance and multiplies fast. It also has medicinal properties.

A new variety added to the garden

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Monday, April 18, 2016

O for "Oncidium flexuosum (Dancing Lady Orchid)"

Few years back at home

Common name: Dancing Doll Orchid, Dancing Lady Orchid, Golden Shower
Scientific Name: Oncidium flexuosum

Orchids are the pride of my father's (Deta) garden. Basically orchids are of two types, the epiphytic orchids and the terrestrial or ground orchids. Epiphytic orchids are commonly grown in pieces of bricks, charcoal, Styrofoam pellets, fern roots; whereas the terrestrial variety grow and flower on the ground. To me, orchids of both types are most elegant of flowers.

Oncidium flexuosum are ground orchids. Deta had grown them in a flower pot as you can see in the above picture. If you look closer, the flower looks like a dancing doll or lady and hence the name. They are bright golden yellow in colour and look so pretty.

Can you the dancing lady?

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