Wednesday, July 29, 2015

3-Day-3-Quote Challenge (Day #3)

Fellow blogger and dear friend Madhusmita from Dreamz and Clouds nominated me for the 3-Day-3-Quote Challenge. 

The rules of the challenge are to post a favourite quote for 3 consecutive days and pass on the challenge to one blogger each day.

I came across the above quote few weeks back and it really struck me. In reality, how many women can actually be herself? Some way or the other she is "tamed" to behave in socially acceptable ways. What do you think?

Today's nominee: Choki Gyeitshen at Journey With Choki G

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  1. I feel women are coming out of their cocoons, slowly & steadily....

  2. Thank you very much for the nomination, I am inspired.


Loved that you dropped by. It would lovely to know how you feel about this post too :)