Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Metro Tales #1: Specky

Ever since i arrived in Delhi, I have always preferred Delhi Metro Rail to any other public transport. I usually travel in the designated women's compartment (Read my post 'The Pink Zone') and one can see all kinds of dynamics at this place. However, there are interesting things happening all around in Delhi Metro.

A few days back, as I was commuting to office in the morning, I was standing near the door which would open at my station. Once I board, after a couple of stations the opposite door starts to open at the stations. At the same door, a girl wearing spectacles was sitting comfortably on the floor, engrossed in the book that she was reading. She must be traveling from a distant station as the same door have not opened for quite some time now. At the next station however, the door was going to open. But I guessed, she did not realize that it was time to get away from it. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me calling out.

Girl: "Hello! Excuse me! Hello Specky!" Specky finally looks up from her book.
Girl: "The door is going to open at the next station." Specky gets up hurriedly, brushes off her back and gathers her belongings. And then suddenly she reacts.
Specky (angrily): "By the way, what did you call me? Specky? Very smart huh!"
Girl (sarcastically): "Thank you. I was trying to call you. But you could not hear me."
Specky (rudely):  "By the way, that was sarcasm. But you could not understand."

I could not help but smile inwardly thinking who was the one being sarcastic and who was the one who could not understand. And instead of being grateful that the doors did not open against her back, Specky tried her hand at being sarcastic.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Share The Load

The last week had been a busy one. Az (my husband) and I were visiting my parents in Assam the previous week. So office last week was quite hectic with workload. Plus it was six days working for me. Each day I wished I could sleep a little longer in the mornings. So I was truly looking forward to today, the coveted Sunday.

But in the morning, somebody rang the doorbell. It was the newspaper boy with the bill. Az took care of it. After that he could not sleep and so decided to get up for the day. But he let me sleep. He did the laundry while I slept. He took care when one of the brothers got up. I finally left the bed half an hour before noon and made his cup of morning tea. He likes my tea and it had been sometime since I had made him some.

I cooked lunch while he helped with the dirty dishes. In the late afternoon, I tended to my plants. I had to change the soil and it is difficult for me to carry down the heavy pots from the balcony slabs. So Az was there, ready to help me. He even fixed the loosened plant shelf which he had made on the side wall. Finally it was he who did all the cleaning up.

After freshening up, I went off to cook dinner. And after sometime he was there again to help me in the kitchen. He finished off by scrubbing the kitchen sink, clean and shiny. Thanks to him, I finished off my chores fast and I am writing this post before the deadline.

I am not writing this post to declare to the public how sweet and caring my husband is. I am just sharing an example as to how sharing the household chores can help bringing about harmony and love in our homes. 
Sharing household chores puts the family members on an equal footing and leads to more quality time with each other as well as results in success for the household. Sharing household chores is also another way couples can spend more time with each other. The act of sharing also results in increase of love and respect towards each other. The act itself expresses love and care.

There is absolutely no shame in men sharing household chores. A man helping with the housework is nothing but sheer manly. It shows that he cares. It shows that he respects. And such a man gets immense love, respect and care in return.
I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.

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