Warm Winter

Unlike most people, I love winter. Winter makes my heart cozier and everything around me also feels cozy. Winters are so cold on the outside, but it never fails to make my heart warmer.

Every winter, I am home (my maternal home) at least for a few days. I spend the days basking in the soft winter sun and the evenings chatting away with the family in front of the fireplace, with a cup of hot beverage and plate of hot snacks. This time, unfortunately, I could not go and I am homesick. Here in Delhi, I am managing with heavy woolens and a room heater.

Winter is the only thing I absolutely love about Delhi. This season, winter knocked on Delhi's door a month early in late November and it is still on in full swing. Today it has been raining and it is quite chilly outside. Dense fog has been drawing on its heavy white curtains throughout this winter. People have started to crib about the cold. But I am praying it stays on a little longer this time. Delhi is so much bearable in winter. Even people are much more calmer and less aggressive in this season. Lesser quarrels and fights are seen in public places.

Winter is the time when I am able to wear my beloved woolens. Other then the regular, I love shopping for the warms knick-knacks like socks, caps and scarves. Socks are my favourite winter accessory. I love to buy different types of socks with different patterns and colours, and flaunt them whenever possible. Wearing pretty socks make me so very happy and they make winter so much warmer. To me socks are the coziest winter item. Let me share a glimpse of my cute favourites with you.

Don't forget to share what you feel about winters!!

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