B for Bokakhat

Bokakhat is a sleepy little town in the Golaghat district of Assam. It is on the way to upper Assam and is more of a 'passing through' town. Since I have been traveling from upper to central/lower Assam since childhood, Bokakhat has been a constant part of my life. It is that place where all travelers traveling by road stop to stretch their legs and have a cup of tea or a meal.

The USP of this tiny town is a sweet called 'pera' (a semi-soft sweet made of khoa, sugar and traditional flavourings) and 'puri aru aaloo bhaaji' (Indian puffed bread and potato curry). There is a  eatery called Gopal Krishna which is in existence like forever. My grandfather had been a customer of this place since he was a student. Now he is in his seventies. Likewise, my parents, uncles and we the children are fans of its famous puri bhaaji. Whenever we pass through Bokakhat we never fail to drop in at Gopal Krishna. And very often we meet someone we know eating there. The puri bhaaji is served on banana leaves along with chilli chutney. After this meal, it is then time for tea in small glass tumblers along with a tasty pera for our sweet tooth.

The famous Bokakhat puri bhaaji
After my father retired a couple of years ago, my parents shifted from upper Assam to central Assam. So when I visit home now, I don't get a chance to visit Bokakhat anymore. I really miss that puri bhaaji now. I am hoping that next time I go home, I would get a chance to travel through Bokakhat and relive the taste in Gopal Krishna.

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