Monday, December 9, 2013

A Memory of Pain & Care

As a growing kid, I used to suffer from regular leg pain. And often one of knees would get locked. In such situations, the one person I would call for was Deta (my father).

I remember playing and running around on the front lawns and suddenly my knee would get locked. I would only shout for Deta. And he would come and ease out my knee.

Whenever I had my spells of leg pain he would tell me that I was growing taller and so my bones were getting stretched. Pain relief ointments and sometimes a medicinal fish oil would be applied on my ailing leg. He would gently massage my leg, his hands moving from my knee towards the toes of my foot. And he would say that he is pushing the pain out of my leg through the toes.

One would wonder why the memories of suffering from pain would have any significance. The thing is Deta is not known to be someone who expresses his care, concern and emotions openly. So when he attended to my ailing leg, he showed that he cared. That was special. And so the memory of him helping me to ease my pain is also very special.

Write TribeEven today, when my legs or hands pain, I remember how Deta used to push away my pain through my toes. And I would feel special all over again. Deta, I love you.

(When I was writing this post, Deta called.  I could not help but smile.)


  1. Sometimes our dad's surprise us, don't they? My dad was not one to show his emotions often and many would say he was quite gruff but he definitely had his moments. :)

    1. yes they do! and i feel all dads are big softies inside :) thanks for stopping by..

  2. memories of pain often stay behind....but what is great is to have a supportive parent who can help us go on....nice!

  3. Touching post with some lovely memories :)

  4. thanks 'the little princess' & 'iwrotethose'..

  5. I was just talking to my mom about those growing bone pains :D

    Fathers, especially desi, are stoic and rarely show emotions though their hearts are full of love. Touching post !


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