Thankful & Grateful=Happy

Each time I go out of my home and see people around, I realize how privileged I have been. Sometimes when we drive back home late at night after a movie or an outing, I see people sleeping on the pavements, peddlers returning home on their bicycles or carts after selling ice-cream, balloons and knick-knacks the whole day. Noticing such small things makes me thank the Almighty one more time.

Happiness and peace of mind had always been an intriguing quest for mankind. We are usually unhappy when we are not satisfied with what we have and always strive to live someone else's life. And consequently complaining about every other thing in life has always been a natural trait of mankind.

Ma always taught us to compare our lives with people who are less privileged than us. She says that way we will always be happy and thankful for what we already have. And how right she is! We never forget to ask the Almighty for something in our prayers. But how many of us actually remember to thank Him for what we have?

I am thankful and grateful to the Almighty for many things starting with the gift of life itself. I am so immensely grateful to the Lord for:
Of course the above list is not at all exhaustive. I am thankful to Him for everything He has given me and for making me who I am. Even though I am trying to practice the art of happiness, I am still an early student in this important field and have a long way to go.

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