Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Human Web

How many people do you know? I believe it is quite the number can run into hundreds. And those hundreds of people again in turn know hundreds of other people. And the chain goes on likewise. Isn't it simply amazing!

When we meet people at meetings, offices, parties or weddings, we start talking. And in more than a single instance, we often find a common acquaintance. With the advent of social networking, this fact have become more evident. Shared friends, followers, first-second-even third line of connections. 

It is also widely believed that humans beings has descended from a common lineage. Given the case of family and hundreds of distant relatives, the theory seems quite plausible.

It is quite believable that everyone in this world is connected. As we make new friends, relatives and mere acquaintances, the more connections we make. And each of the people we know, have different life stories. May be in each of the stories, we have some role to play. So it should not be entirely wrong to say that everyone we know has some part in our very own story of life. The more I think about it, the more I feel that the human race is nothing but a human web.

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