Thursday, March 31, 2011

One day--Many lives

One day--duration of the Earth's single rotation. But it's a single day of life of every single living being on this planet. And for a mayfly it is its entire life.

One any given human day... 
  • Someone is born. Someone dies. 
  • Someone was waiting for it. Someone was dreading it. 
  • Someone is happy. Someone is sad. 
  • Someone is laughing. Someone is crying. 
  • Someone is sound asleep. Someone is wide awake.
  • Someone is waiting. Someone just arrived. 
  • Someone falls in love. Someone breaks up.
  • Someone is getting married. Someone is getting divorced. 
  • Someone is tensed. Someone is relieved.
  • Someone is enjoying. Someone is suffering.
  • Someone is wasting food. Someone is hungry.
  • Someone is thankful. Someone is complaining.
  • Someone is mean. Someone is kind.
  • Someone is praying for the sun. Someone is praying for rain.
  • Someone gets promoted. Someone gets fired.
  • Someone passes. Someone fails.
  • Someone wins. Someone loses.
  • Someone makes peace. Someone fights.
  • Someone is living a fairy tale. Someone is living a war.
  • Someone loves. Someone hates.
  • Someone forgives. Someone avenges.
  • Someone is running from family. Someone is longing for one.
  • Someone is lonely. Someone wants to be alone.
  • Someone is charmed. Someone is disgusted. 
  • Someone wins a lottery. Someone loses every penny.
  • Someone sees a ray of hope. Someone loses all hope.
  • Someone starts believing in God. Someone turns an atheist.
  • Someone is praying for another day of life. Someone can bear no more.
And when it ends, it had been one day and millions of stories.


  1. A nice summary of how the world works. :-)


Loved that you dropped by. It would lovely to know how you feel about this post too :)