Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have never met her....but have seen her only in photographs. I have never spoken to her...but have only talked about her a lot.... I had (till tonight it was 'have') a dream of meeting her, listening to her, seeing her laugh....and tonight decided that my dream shall never be fulfilled.

Off late I was told that she referred to me a lot, about seeing me, and of me taking her around....I am so sorry Amma that I couldn't fulfill your wish.... I am sorrier for myself that I couldn't receive your blessed blessings.... I am so sorry that I am not there.... I am sorry that I have failed miserably....

Thank you Amma for loving me without even knowing me... And I thank Him that he gave me a little place in your blessed life.

May God bless you.
May your soul rest at peace.

We will miss you all our lives.


  1. Never worry Natasha... Even i haven't seen my father just like u felt for your mother... Though they are not with us now they will be our savior throughout our life...

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here 'atinytoes'. But the person referred here is a very special grandma in my life, of whom I have only heard sweet stories. We knew each other but could not meet. And you are right.. even though some special people cease to be in our lives, they do continue to sweeten them with their memories and blessings:)


Loved that you dropped by. It would lovely to know how you feel about this post too :)