Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hangaroo Nights

I got a taste of Hangaroo in my MBA days. My friend Priyanka (M.Tech student and my friend from school) introduced me to it and we both were literally addicted to this cute kangaroo. It became a habit to play every night even during exams! It is basically a word game with 10 levels. Whenever a wrong alphabet is chosen, the kangaroo lashes out to you and scolds like anything....because if the correct answer is not given..he is hanged!! And his angry soul (complete with a halo and wings!) goes up the screen. So he scolds us for his life....And he's so scared when we continue choosing wrong alphabets....Priyanka and I badly wanted to complete all levels and save his life...so even cheated! And whenever the campus wi-fi was working fine (which was rarely), we googled for answers.......Pheww!! what pain we undertook to save his life..but he would reward us only with his sharp tongue! One night we finally managed to complete all 10 levels....but the ungrateful scoundrel didn't even thank us and simply freed himself and took off!! But good for him..he was struck by lightning and died anyway!!

But the best part of it was the time I spent with my friend..a chance to be the little girls we were at school...giggling in delight and excitement...Last night I once again opened the game...I missed Priyanka...and placed a call to her....

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  1. Send me the rules?For me hangaroo means hangover after having few pegs.


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