Friday, April 9, 2010

ATM Blues

Please enter one person at a time.....this is what is written on all ATM doors.....but people misread it as 'as many people as possible at a time' I guess....and instead of making a queue outside the door, they will make it right from the ATM machine...this problem is specific of ATMs where there are no security guards and especially of SBI ATMs...I can't comment of anywhere in the country but this is what happens in my State.
Don't know how many times I have literally quarreled with people who enter along with me and stand right behind me while I withdraw money, and wouldn't even budge when asked to step outside....Most of the times the person standing behind me in the queue will urge me to go inside as well when I reach the door!! May be they think they will save time if they do that..but they forget that the ATM needs a few moments to get ready for the next transaction!! And gone are the security and privacy factors....the door is just a many ATMs the doors are always wide open and the locks do not work...
And I am not the only victim of such loss of civic sense....many of the people I know share my ATM blues...


  1. hi natasha. recently there was a case of a woman robbed of few thousand bucks because of such violations of privacy at the atm booth!And one cares. :(

  2. the only thing people care about is blaming everything on the authorities...


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